Campus Facilities


AREL Schools’ libraries form a basis for information literacy, development and creativity. AREL libraries provide a rich and effective environment that supports education and helps students to become individuals who question, research, use resources effectively, can reach information, know how to learn and follow the principle of lifelong learning.

AREL libraries, within the frame of high-quality education, serve the purpose of providing that students reach information quickly and efficiently in the age of information and technology. They also contribute to students’ development by getting the students to acquire the habit and pleasure of reading and learning.

AREL Schools have two libraries, a Primary-Middle School Library and a High School Library, located on a total area of 1010 square meters.

AREL libraries do not only provide a quiet environment rich with helpful resources where students can read and study, but also an enjoyable environment that responds to students’ needs and interests. The libraries offer a great variety of printed resources as well as audio-visual and electronic resources, and are equipped with technological equipment such as computers, internet connection, copiers, printers, CD/DVD players, smart boards and projectors.

Students use the libraries in classes under the supervision of their class teachers. They can also use the libraries individually at any time within library hours. One of the aims of the libraries is to get the students to acquire the habit of using the library in their daily lives and leisure time.

Library teachers attend planning meetings for classes in order to have knowledge of the units and topics that will be covered in classes, so that they can provide the best support. In line with this purpose, library teachers make and implement montly plans to support the classes and to improve students’ skills for using the library and resources.

At the beginning of every school year, a library orientation program is held to offer students an introduction to the library’s resources and services.  In addition, library activities are held throughout the year to refresh students’ knowledge on the use of library and its resources.

AREL Schools have a rich and diverse collection of resources that are collected and organized by taking into consideration the needs, interests, grades, levels and individual differences of the students. Students’ requests are taken into consideration for adding new resources to the library collection.
AREL Schools’ Libraries’ rich collection includes reference sources (encyclopedias, dictionaries, atlases, bibliographies, etc.), literary books (novels, stories, poems, etc.), academic resources, scientific resources, children's books, periodicals (newspapers, journals), resources in foreign languages (English, German, Spanish), test books that support classes, audio-visual resources (CDs, DVDs, maps, educational cards, etc.), and electronic resources. The collection is continuously enriched and updated.


The library collection includes 19,949 printed books, 30 periodical subscriptions, 5 daily newspapers and 525 audio-visual materials, some of which are in foreign languages.

AREL Schools’ students, teachers and staff are members of the libraries and can use the libraries from Monday to Friday between 08:00-17:30.

Library members can also search for library resources online from outside the libraries via the web address