Campus Facilities

Science Laboratories

In today’s modern world attaining information is much easier and faster. Human development depends on actively and effectively using both brain hemispheres, imagining and original thinking. Innovations, inventions and developments are brought by use of the left brain hemisphere, which is involved in functions related to analysis, numbers, speaking and mathematics together with right brain hemisphere, which is involved in functions related to innovation, invention, creativeness, imagination, intuition and abstract perception.

In AREL Schools, science education aims to teach students how to use their brain effectively and efficiently. Science classes are held in science laboratories, which are equipped with rich and high-quality equipment and materials according to each grade level and it is supported by computer technology. Great importance is given to performing experiments in science classes. Students are encouraged to practice, research, experiment, and to be inquisitive, innovative and creative.

Students are strongly encouraged to actively participate in classes. They carry out individual and group work through presentations, projects and experiments. Students’ performance is closely monitored and evaluated. Science laboratories are continuously improved and maintained. AREL Schools host science competitions with other schools in İstanbul as well as working on national and international projects such as Tübitak projects.

Students participation in national and international competitions and projects according to their grade levels is encouraged and supported. Science club activities are carried out to support student learning and to reinforce students’ interest and skills in science.

In AREL Schools, science education aims to provide that students acquire knowledge and skills that will guide them throughout their lives, and to enhance students’ love and respect for nature.