Campus Facilities

Technology Laboratories

AREL Schools provide students with a modern education environment with high-speed network connection available in all parts of the School, including classrooms, research rooms, libraries, technology and science laboratories, department and executive rooms.
All classrooms and laboratories are equipped with computers, internet connection, portable projectors, and Smart Boards with LED touch screen. Advanced technology equipment and technology laboratories support classes and student learning as well as student activities. In classes, interactive and effective teaching/learning is provided as the teachers use smart board technology. 3D education materials related to all classes are used in 3D laboratories. AREL Schools Technology Department also supports education by developing educational software according to class and student needs. Technology equipment required for high-quality education is continuously improved.

Special internet filtering software is used to provide security for students and protect them from visiting improper web sites. AREL Schools network is continuously updated and network security is provided through proper security/control software and hardware such as firewall, antivirus software and web filtering (internet control and restriction).