Human Resources

Human Resources


 The indicative factor of AREL Schools’ quality service and success is highly-qualified labour. The quality and success is directly related to the motivation of staff and administrators and providing their abilities. It is important for AREL Schools’ progress to provide the staff’s individual development and foster their potential. For this reason, the improvement areas helping our staff to know about their knowledge and skills are detected and an approach aiming at “ongoing progress” is applied with the support of appropriate educational programs.
 The profile of AREL Schools’ human resources is:

  • The focus on student-parent: Focusing on service achievement on the wishes and expectations of students and parents.
  • Institutional Dependency: considers the benefit of the institution.
  • Motivation: Eager about making the success of the institution and service quality better.
  • Expertise: Having knowledge, skills and experience on producing quality projects and achieving them.
  • Team Work: Being capable of providing active, harmonious team work throughout the objectives and targets.  
  • Flexibility: Showing a speedy harmony with the technological improvement and new styles of working, having the individual confidence and open to improvement.
  • Social Ability: Taking initiative and responsible.


Orientation training is done in two groups in AREL Schools. For the first group of teachers who are new, training sessions are about institution’s general mechanism and the responsibility of teachers. These sessions are informative. For the second group of AREL teachers, training sessions cover topics that refresh their knowledge and update it. Thanks to these training sessions, the staff is given an opportunity to move together.