AREL Primary School



AREL Primary School follows the best educational programs and the applications followed throughout the world, by focusing on the question ‘How does a student best learn?’. This embraces the understanding of student-centred education. This understanding is reflected in the AREL education philosophy, and the international programs that are compatible with our National Education programs. In AREL Primary School, all educational practices and activities are planned according to the IBO’s Primary Years Programme (PYP) that is based on the principle of learning through inquiry. PYP is carried out based on the national curriculum and AREL is committed to continuous improvement of the implementation of the programme.

Our educational program is developed considering students’ academic, social, cultural and physical developments. It is carried out thorough modern teaching methods and project based learning in order to enhance individual differences and reveal students’ creativity as well as to make the learning easier and more enjoyable. Students are supported by daily life examples and active learning is promoted through group work. 

Mother tongue teaching has a great importance in all grades of the primary school where fundamental skills and knowledge is gained. Reading, interpreting, analyzing, and writing studies take great space in the curriculum.

English is taught and spoken daily as the second language. Foreign language teaching program is applied by Turkish and native teachers following an intensive scope and sequence. Students become competent in four skills (reading, writing, speaking, and listening). AREL students acquire the skills and capabilities, which children must have for the 21st century.

At each stage of education, cooperation between the parents and the school is maintained. We offer parents seminars, meetings and conferences in order to assist them in understanding, living with and educating their children. Our guidance department observes the students’ individual developments and differences and aims at preventing the probable problems related to their age in advance and help them acquire the proper behaviors.

AREL students are educated in the smart classrooms equipped with the latest technological devices and interactive smart boards. Students continue their education in a large, modern and well-equipped school campus consisting of two buildings, the main school building and Sports & Culture Complex. The campus also includes an outdoor preschool playground, open and semi-open areas with soft rubber flooring.