International Programs


AREL Schools follow IB-Middle Years Programme (MYP) starting in 5th grade until the end of 10th grade. Middle Years Programme is a curriculum framework designed for students aged 10-16 and aims to provide an educational framework that encourages students to become creative, critical and reflective thinkers. MYP focuses on students’ intellectual, academic and social development. It encourages students to embrace and understand the connections between classes and the real world. It fosters the development of skills for communication, intercultural understanding and global engagement, which are essential qualities for life in the 21st century. 

MYP is flexible enough to accommodate the demands of national curriculums. In AREL Schools, MYP is followed in accordance with the national curriculum of Ministry of National Education. 

MYP builds upon the knowledge, skills and attitudes developed in the IB-Primary Years Programme (PYP) and prepare students both for the next level of education and for life. 

IB-Middle Years Programme;

  • addresses students’ intellectual, social, emotional and physical well-being,
  • enables students to understand and manage the complexities of the world, and provides them with the skills and attitudes they need in order to take responsible action for the future,
  • ensures breadth and depth of knowledge and understanding through the study of eight subject areas,
  • requires the study of at least two languages to support students in understanding their own culture and that of others,
  • provides the opportunity for students to undertake independent projects in their areas of interest.

Importance is given to teaching students how to learn. Students are prepared to be successful in school, and to be active, lifelong learners.