Campus Facilities

Visual Arts Studio

Visual Arts education is an interdisciplinary educational field that is based on culture, art and research, and provides students with the opportunity to express themselves in a creative context. It aims to enhance students’ skills for expressing themselves, their thoughts and feelings creatively and aesthetically.

AREL Schools provide students with 2 visual arts studios, each with a capacity of 25 people and a ceramics studio that is designed by taking into consideration the aims of Visual Arts education. The Visual Arts class is held in these studios where students perform art works by using various materails and techniques that are appropriate for their grades, such as 2-3 dimensional works, watercolour, charcoal, pastel, collage, acrylic paint and original print. The Visual Arts class aims to develop children's artistic knowledge and skills, and enhance their creativity and sense of aesthetics. The class also aims to provide students give importance to their artistic development, and to personal and social values. The Visual Arts class is supported by visits to museums, galleries and exhibitions.

Students of all grades of AREL Schools take a ceramics class in the ceramics studio. In Primary School, ceramics class aims to teach students about easy ceramic techniques as well as to enhance their creativity and provide them with opportunity to express themselves by using ceramic clay. In Middle School and High School, ceramics class aims to teach students about kneading, shaping, drying and firing techniques and use of various tools (modeling tools, scrapers, ribs, etc.) for making ceramic products. The class aims to provide that students express themselves creatively through individual and group ceramic works. Making ceramic work contributes to students’ group work skills, problem-solving skills, creativity, self-confidence, and independent thinking.

Art and ceramic Works were made by students in the Visual Arts class and exhibited under the supervision of the Visual Arts class teachers.