AREL College


AREL College (Anatolian High School) provides an education of five years, one of which is an English Language Preparatory Year. AREL aims to implement the best educational programs proving the students with opportunities to develop the skills, knowledge, resiliency, and self-esteem that will help them succeed in 21st century society. 

Our curriculum is supported by experimental and project-based tasks. ‘Learning by inquiry’ has been given central status in AREL High Schools. IB-Middle Years Programme (MYP) followed in 9th and 10th grades adds an international dimension to the education program of AREL College. MYP focuses on students’ intellectual, academic and social development. It encourages students to embrace and understand the connections between classes and the real world. 

AREL College provides a multi-dimensional education in line with students’ interests and abilities. The intensive academic program is supported by various social, cultural, art and sport activities. Student clubs and interest groups contribute to the students’ social development and provide them with opportunities to improve themselves in different fields. Students are also encouraged to participate in activities where they can acquire social consciousness.

AREL provides guidance and support to students to enable them improve themselves, determine their field of study according to their abilities, and make the right choice of university education. Our Testing & Evaluation Center work efficiently in defining the aims of AREL College students prepare for the university entrance exams. Our teachers, starting at grade 9, follow an intensive program of preparation for university entrance exams. Each year AREL graduates, completing university enterence examinations with high scores, get into the best universities in Turkey.

An intensive program of English is followed in the English Language Preparatory Class. Our program focuses on Academic English preparation. AREL students develop their level of language skills so that they graduate from high school prepared to pass the English proficiency tests of universities and get a high score in the TOEFL test. The second selective foreign language education German or Spanish starts at the 9th grades with the aim of using basic language skills efficiently.

AREL students are educated in the smart classrooms equipped with the latest technological devices and interactive smart boards. Students continue their education in a large, modern and well-equipped school campus consisting of two buildings, the main school building and Sports & Culture Complex. The campus includes open and semi-open areas. AREL Schools have been designed with fully equipped various areas to fulfill all kinds of educational needs of our students.