AREL Preschool



Educational Approach
In AREL Preschool, student-centered approach is followed based on the understanding that every child is unique. Education is provided within the frame of the International Baccalaureate Primary Years Programme (IB-PYP), which is based on the principle of Inquiry-Based Learning. Within this programme, information alone is not seen as sufficient, so development of appropriate concepts, skills and behaviours is also provided. Various learning activities are planned and carried out to provide that every child can reach his/her full potential. PYP provides an educational frame, which supports students to become individuals who effectively question, research and follow the principle of lifelong learning.  

In the well-equipped classrooms of AREL; Mother Language, Science-Nature, Mathematics, Educational Plays, Drama, Yoga, Dance, Ballet, Sports, Attention and Perception, Creative Works, Computer Education, Projects, Music (Orff and Rhythm), Vocal Training, Arts and Preparation to Reading-Writing classes are held under the guidance of our preschool teachers and subject teachers.

Education Schedule

In AREL Preschool subject classes are held in well-equipped classrooms and ateliers by subject teachers who are specialists in their fields. Students regularly take Music, Arts, Drama, Computer, Chess, Physical Education, Dance and Swimming classes in line with their weekly schedule. AREL students use the library that has a rich collection of Turkish and English books, encyclopedias and journals for their mother language development with English education and preparation to reading-writing classes. There are other facilities such as a Math Room equipped with math materials and mind games; Ceramic and Art Rooms; and a Science Laboratory equipped with rich science-nature materials.

Preparation for Primary School 

In order to prepare 6-year-old students for the first year of Primary School, preparation for reading, writing and handwriting exercises are completed in accordance with the education schedule. Primary school teachers guide their students by using specially selected books and cd’s as sources. The teachers and the guidance department carefully monitor and work on the development of students’ fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination. 

Student Performance Evaluation

During the school year work completed by students are compiled in individual portfolios. At the end of each school year our students, parents and the teachers select some of these works, which indicate the student's development. The students then present their work to the parents on the Portfolio Presentation Day.



AREL Preschool classes begin at 08:30 and end at 16:00. Transportation is provided for students between their homes and the school with a school bus service. Working parents can bring their children to school at 08:00 and can benefit from the study time between 16:00-17:30.


A healthy nutritional breakfast, lunch and mid afternoon snack are provided for students. Meals are prepared under the most hygienic conditions and in accordance with the menus carefully prepared by a nutrition expert. After lunch, under 4 year olds have a naptime.


AREL Preschool provides playgroup programme for children aged 22-36 months to encourage healthy play, social interaction with other children and develop confidence. Learning through entertainment is an important aspect of preschool education and this aspect can be found through playground activities. Our playgroup programme includes activities that support children’s cognitive development, language development, and fine and gross motor development. Please