In the PYP Exhibition Unit Presentation, which was prepared for the 13th time this year, the 4th grade students of AREL College highlighted the issue of “Inequality of Opportunity” which started with the increase of the world population. Our students conveyed the results of their research to the audience with a presentation they made.

The PYP Exhibition Unit Presentation held at AREL College aimed to enable students to engage in a cross-domain inquiry process, identify and investigate the problems in the world and find solutions to these issues. İbrahim BETİL, the President of the Sen de Gel Association, with whom the students contacted on the subject, raised awareness with the presentation he made at the school. The research groups conducted interviews with the professionals of various institutions such as Istanbul Arel University, Yıldız Technical University, Bakırköy Chamber of Architects and Istanbul Books Audio Library.

Students, who completed their months-long researches in 12 main topics, shared the results of their academic research and findings with visual and oral presentations as well as drama, music and dance performances in the conference hall. By questioning the social and environmental impacts of the equality of opportunity and its implications, the students also informed the public about their responsibilities as world citizens.