AREL Preschool

English Language Education

English as a Second Language

In AREL Preschool, intensive English Language education is provided for 4, 5 and 6-year-old students as 10 hours of English Language class per week. A “native speaker” teacher holds English Language classes. At English classes, concepts that are required to be acquired by students in line with PYP units are taught through various stories, dramas, songs, dance and games. Students learn English in an entertaining environment and enjoy learning a new language.

Special English Class

Along with Turkish classes where two-hour English Language education is provided every day, AREL Preschool also provides special English classes where education is in English and the native speaker preschool teachers are homeroom teachers. School curriculum provides that the students learn two languages simultaneously and comprehensively. The students actively learn a foreign language through games, songs, drama, dance, arts and science-nature projects. The programme includes one-hour Turkish development class and one-hour preparation to reading-writing class every day. In music, drama, ballet, dance, arts, chess and physical education classes, concepts are simultaneously taught to students both in Turkish and in English so that they acquire the concepts bilingually.