AREL Middle School

Encodes the Language of the Future

With the encoding education we have been offering at Arel College since 2015, our students who are a part of Generation Z have the abilities of problem-solving, analytical thinking, creative thinking and so on.

Arel College students get to know the basic principles of encoding by learning programming earlier in life. At Arel College, we provide the necessary environment in which our students, with the courses they take at the preschool to the high school, can grow up to be a productive generation. Thus, our students get to question the production of the goods they consume which is the core idea behind the maker movement. Instead of using the existing applications aimed at solving a specific problem, our students are able to develop their own programmes and games by encoding the language of the future. This brings a new dimension to computers which can be used not only for games but also for production.

The fact that most of today’s professions are directly or indirectly connected with encoding, emphasizes the importance of encoding. Encoding enables our students to stand out not just in their professional lives but during every phase of their lives. Having knowledge in encoding students can programme their computers and upgrade them with new features and tasks by themselves.

Our students within the scope of their information technologies and software course curriculums participate in the Hour of Code, a global activity held twice a year to celebrate encoding. The students who get to participate in coding activities simultaneously with schools around the world receive certificates after completing their coding tasks.

With the IB, MYP and PYP programmes, Arel College aims to develop learning objectives that support the creative and critical thinking of our students and ensure effective communication and advanced technology. Within this scope, our school has all the necessary equipment to provide our students with the substantial media agents and interactive applications to be used in the information technologies and software courses. This way, our students receive a well-rounded, permanent and real-life education.  

We cooperate with Istanbul Arel University and other prestigious universities in the field of encoding.