AREL College

Foreign Language Education

AREL College (AREL Anatolian High School) includes a Language Preparatory Year to provide students with proficiency in English. AREL College follows an intensive program of Foreign Language Education in all grade levels and holds some classes in English. Starting from 9th grade, mathematics and science classes are held in English.

The main aim that leads foreign language education in AREL is to support and develop students’ communicative skills in different languages. Up to date materials are provided according to the students’ needs. Students’ effective participation is fundamental and it is supported through in/out class activities such as pair work, group work or work alone and presentations. AREL aims to develop students’ proficiency and skills in the foreign languages taught including understanding, comprehension and communication, written and oral expression.

Believing that the best tool to reflect culture is literature, AREL students acquire advanced language skills by reading books that their peers in English-speaking countries read. These include award-winning novels by authors from a variety of different cultures. AREL students are encouraged to express their thoughts and ideas through speaking and writing. They practice in order to inquire and research to find the correct information in the target language. Foreign language education is provided with the guidance of bilingual and native speaker teachers.

Every year, student delegates from AREL College participate in Model United Nations (MUN), which is a conference similar to the United Nations. Students participate as delegates from their countries to various UN Committees. Throughout MUN, students express their opinions on current issues in the world, offer solutions and prepare reports in English.

AREL graduates’ English Language proficiency level enables them to be exempt from one-year English Language preparatory programs of Universities where English-Medium Instruction is used. The curriculum is supported with TOEFL practices in the 11th and 12th grades. AREL graduates are able to reach B2/C1 levels of Common European Framework.

Second Foreign Language Education

AREL Schools provide second Foreign Language education in German or Spanish beginning from the 3th grade until the end of high school.

Second Foreign Language education aims to provide that AREL students acquire language skills necessary to pass the international exams FIT 1 & 2 in German and DELE 1 & 2 in Spanish. Students are able to complete A2/B1 German/Spanish levels in European Framework at the end of the 8th grade. Students who graduate from AREL High Schools are able to reach into B1 level of Common European Framework in German or Spanish.