AREL College

Testing and Evaluation

In the AREL Schools' Testing and Evaluation Centre, objective and scientific analysis is done in order to ensure the proficiency of the programs, outcome of the teaching and learning process. The centre not only evaluates students’ knowledge but also assesses the skills that the students have gained through comprehension, application, analysis, synthesis and assessment.

In AREL High Schools, Testing and Evaluation Centre determines what and how much the students have learned, and according to the results gained, corrective measures are taken against learning difficulties as well as the areas where students need support. Tests are held through a central test system and the students are tested and evaluated under equal conditions.

AREL Schools hold intensive classes and special study programs to prepare students to succeed in national entrance exams for Higher Education Institutions. Administrators, teachers and the Testing and Evaluation Centre continuously observe students. According to the results of these observations, improvements are made within and outside the class hours. The Testing and Evaluation Centre ensures a systematic and well-planned preparation period for all the students. 

AREL Testing and Evaluation Centre follows the latest developments in the field of education and plays an active role in achievement of the Schools’ academic objectives and in conscious preparation of AREL students for the national entrance exams.