AREL College

Educational Technology

AREL students’ interaction with technology starts from preschool and continues through higher grades. In all age levels, our teachers integrate technology into the classrooms. Technology teachers work with subject area teachers and carry out integrated curriculum as required by IB-MYP. 

The lessons are constructed with Computer Supported Learning approach. The technological hardware is constantly developed for Computer Supported Learning, which is accepted as one of the requirements of a contemporary and high-quality education. Our IT department and technology teachers constantly integrate technological developments into the curriculum. 

AREL students are educated in the smart classrooms equipped with the latest technological devices and interactive smart boards. Smart Boards bringing reality into the classroom are used in the lessons for internet, student presentations as well as classroom activities. AREL aims to provide a technological, visual-auditory educational environment for the students by allowing them to access to rich online resources and better computer skills training. Our students are challenged to discover, create, solve problems and construct solutions by using computers. Technology-integrated lessons provide a means of learning for all our students, including students with different learning styles. 

AREL students and staff are provided with a network with which they can instantly access internet and the communication network from everywhere. Parents can get information on student attendance, homework and exam results/assessments through a password system existing on our web page.