AREL College

Guidance and Counselling

AREL Schools Guidance and Psychological Counselling Department follows a programmed and systematic process to support students to become individuals who know themselves well, maintain a high level of motivation, build good relationships with people, take responsibility, are aware of their problems and strive to solve them, and shape their lives and future considering their personal characteristics, interests and skills. 

For this purpose, the department provides developmental and preventive guidance and counselling services with its expert staff considering the students’ individual and age characteristics and needs. Services of the Department include individual and group guidance and counselling, testing and assessment, national exams guidance, and career guidance, stress .

Activities of Guidance and Psychological Counselling Department are based on school-parent cooperation. The Department also carries out activities intended for parents, including periodicals for parents, seminars workshops and conferences and individual meetings. Through analysis of student needs, we organize relevant seminars for students presented by our own faculty and other specialists. 

One of the periodicals prepared by the expert staff of Guidance and Psychological Counselling Department is “Reflections on Education” which is published twice a year, as one for each semester and includes tips and advice regarding students of all ages and potential problems.

Guidance services are given especially to high school students in order to set their vocational interests and to inform them about the university entrance exams. The Guidance and Counselling Department carries out methods to form preferences taking each student’s interests, skills and potential into consideration. The school councellers help the students understand and recognise exam stress and offer strategies to help them minimise any harmful effects.